Sunday, October 5, 2014

Fun Songs for Learning English

Nobody is Listening by Dani Griffin

You who talk with your hands
Don’t you understand?
Nobody is listening
Right is stronger than might
No reason to fight
Nobody is listening to you, no!
Noone’s listening to you, no, no!
Two kids, they talk.
“Get lost! Shut up!”
They hurt with words
But that’s not enough.
They use their hands
To show who’s tough.
They hit, they cry.
They hurt, and why?
When you start to fight
Please stop and ask why.
Big Joe thinks he’s cool!
Because he wins every fight.
He thinks being strong
is better than being liked.
The biggest and strongest
So often win the day.
It doesn’t mean they’re right,
Just that they got their way.
Violence on the TV
is fantasy, fantasy.
Violence in reality
means people cry or bleed.
The need to hurt is a sickness.
It’s a plague, it’s a big mess.
Don’t buy it, don’t try it.
Black eyes are not prizes.
So hey! Use some words,
not your hands.
Take a stand!

 London Town by Dani Griffin


The Thames is shorter than The Seine.
London Bridge is longer than a plane.
The London Eye is taller than Big Ben
And London is bigger than Berlin.
She’s travelling around London town
on the Tube
On a bus.
A black taxi is faster than a man.
A red bus is slower than a van.
This lake is smaller than the sea.
That tower is taller than a tree.

A Friend by Dani Griffin


What a day!
I had a so-so day,
I’m feeling kind of sad.
Everything I do comes out wrong.
It’s Okay
Because I have my friends.
I always count on them.
My friends will pick me up again.
Someone who will always cheer you up,
Give so much,
That’s a friend.
Someone you are always glad to see,
I call that a friend.
a friend!